The Tree of Life Spiritualist Church is located on Capricorn Hill Farm in rural Pine City, NY. Come up the stone driveway with the big red mailbox at the corner of Clark Hollow Road and Rosar Hill Rd at 369 Clark Hollow Rd. We do not have cell phone reception or internet available. Our landline number is 607-732-4987. All those who are sincerely interested are warmly welcomed. 


The Tree of Life Spiritualist Church is a:

  • non-traditional,
  • Christian inspired,
  • spiritually inclusive


 Rev. Colleen Parsons loosely organized An Hour with Spirit in March of 2010 with meetings every Sunday morning. In September of 2015 we assumed the name of an existing church born of love and compassion. We have evolved. The first Sunday of the month is our Spiritualist service. The 3rd Sunday of the month is an All Message Spiritualist service devoted to the demonstration of our belief that communication can and does occur with those from the other side of life. The other Sundays remain non-denominational meetings, An Hour with Spirit, with information designed to inspire and increase our awareness. Join us. It's a nice group of thoughtful people. 


Rev. Colleen Parsons

Rev. Colleen Parsons is the pastor and caretaker of the Tree of Life Spiritualist Church. A long-time Spiritualist, she was "called" by Spirit to serve as a pastor and pursued a 15-year journey of skill building, education, and dedication to bring the community of like-minded people together. 

Besides the work she does for the Tree of Life Spiritualist Church, Colleen is also a Registered Nurse with a master's degree in nursing, an educator, a farmer, and owner of Inner Decisions -- a non-religious resource of people who are pursuing spiritual growth and Epigenetic Clearing.  




All Sunday Services and Meetings begin at 9 AM and end at 10:30 AM.

1st Sunday is the Tree of Life Spiritualist Church Service

2nd Sunday is a non-denominational meeting presenting interesting material

3rd Sunday is an All Messages Service demonstrating Spiritualist Mediumship

4th Sunday is a non-denominational meeting presenting interesting material

5th Sunday (if there is one) is a non-denominational meeting presenting interesting material