Tree of Life Spiritualist Chuch
Rev. Colleen Parsons
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The Tree of Life Spiritualist Church is a:


Principles for the Tree of Life Spiritualist Church

1– We believe in the Divine Oneness.

2 – We believe that all paths lead to the Divine.

3 – We believe we are all beings of Divine Oneness.

4 – We support each person’s relationship with the Divine as guided by Natures physical and spiritual laws.

5 – We embrace the principle of “The Golden Rule” and treat all beings as we ourselves wish to be treated.

6 – We affirm that we are responsible for doing that which is right in harmony with Natural Law. 

7 – We affirm that life continues beyond this one in accordance with Natural Law.

8 – We affirm that healing, mediumship, and all spiritual arts are expressions of Divine Oneness.

9 – We believe that each person is capable of communication with Spirit and receives guidance through messages, signs, and symbols.

10 – We affirm that it is never too late for reformation, here or hereafter.